Special Benefits

Increase your income

  • send automatic next service reminder letters to your customers
  • follow-up unpaid or partially paid invoices listed for you automatically
  • keep track on vehicle service history and offer doing additional services that are due
  • plan your work efficiently by using the Booking Diary
  • create effective marketing campaigns based on comprehensive customer info

Save Money

  • reduce on-hand stock based on accurate reports
  • purchase stock wise based on comprehensive analysis of supplier prices
  • view detailed information on servicemen productivity
  • achieve well balanced workflow

Save Time

  • write quotations, invoices and job cards with one hit
  • prepare automatic purchase orders to your suppliers
  • print your BAS statement in seconds
  • print your bank deposit slip instead of writing by hand

Professional image

  • Improve customer service by quick access to customer files and vehicle history
  • provide your customers with well-designed invoices and statements
  • have access to accurate business information


Auto Care Software Premier is a comprehensive automotive business management software. This windows program is the most contemporary solution currently available in information technology.

Auto Care Software Premier is the perfect solution to enhance your professional image, improve customer service, achieve well balanced cash-flow and obtain accurate business information.

Auto Care Software Premier is a multi user application, so you can use several computers in a network.

There is also inbuilt data protection designed to allow staff access to information according to their level of responsibility.


Main Modules

Stock Control
General Ledger
Booking Diary


Minimum hardware & Operating System Requirement

  • 2 GB Ram - 4 GB or more recommended
  • Backup unit - 100 GB or more external hard drive
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • Laser or inkjet printer
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8